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February 2014

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What Strings are You Using?

Strings!Among the most common calls we get? Folks looking for new strings that will be a "perfect fit" for their sound (and budget). But there are a lot of choices, and strings can be expensive. Don't fret (no, really - don't - there are no frets on an upright!) We're here to help.

I can tell you that it can be easy to overstate the differences between strings, when you get to talking about them. I mean, there must be a reason that there are so many choices, right? But on many basses, keep in mind that the tonal variances between them can be more subtle than you'd think. That said, there is a pretty wide variety of materials, windings, and inner core designs used to make strings. And that does mean that there is also a wide range of tension, feel, flexibility, and sound from string to string. So, we try to help differentiate between them for you. But don't get too crazy about the words used to describe the tone; after all, it's what your ears tell you that really matters.

Trying a whole bunch of different strings can be a very expensive endeavor - we certainly don't recommend it as your new hobby, if at all possible. So if you're looking to upgrade to something new, figure out (if you can) what's on your bass now, and give us a call or drop us a line. Tell us what you like (and don't like) about your current strings, and we'll do our best to help you find a new set.

We're always happy to chat with you on the telephone or by email to help you narrow down what should be your next set of strings. But did you know that we have some handy String Buyer's Guides on the website to help you as well? We also host a helpful "String Changing Guide" to ensure you get the best sound and longest life from your strings.

Strings!And remember - ALL STRINGS (including singles) SHIP FREE to the USA at Gollihur Music!.

Price Drop!

Full CircleThat's right! In a world where ever-rising prices are the norm, we've just done a price drop on ALL Fishman products - including a 13% cut on the price of the ever-popular Full Circle Pickup.

Fishman is a longtime leading designer and manufacturer of acoustic amplification products. Their original BP-100 pickup was one of the first commercially available piezo-based pickups for the upright! And they built upon its success with the (much better-sounding, IMHO) very popular Full Circle.

Pro EQ Platinum Bass PreampThey also make some very useful, good sounding preamplifiers like the Pro-EQ Platinum Bass (or the simpler B-II Preamp) to get the most out of your Fishman - or any - piezo-based pickup.

And now the whole Fishman lineup just dropped in price. Sweet! So if you've been considering getting a pickup or preamp, now would be a great time to look at Fishman's options. Not sure which pickup or preamp is for you? You can always give us a call or email us with your questions - we've tried 'em all.

Quick! Grab an NS Design Bass at 2013 Pricing!

We've hit the time of year where manufacturers often make adjustments to cover their rising production costs. Unfortunately, that price hike will also bump up our pricing as a result. So, as of March 1, the pricing on NS Design Basses and accessories will jump up a bit.

But here's the thing - we're giving you a bit of advance notice! You can still grab your NXT Bass, NXT Omni Bass, CR-M Bass or CR-OmniBass at last year's pricing! Most NXT colors and options are in stock, as well as several CR models, and we'll even honor the pricing for an order placed on a model not currently in our inventory. And NS Design Basses SHIP FREE in the Continental USA.

So make your move, before prices go up!

Winter is a Good Time for Bass Maintenance!
A "Bob's Blog" from the Archives

It's Winter here in New Jersey, and it's been snowing like crazy this year, turning all of us into unwilling shut-ins. Whether we want to or not, most of us retreat to the warmth of our homes and avoid sticking our noses outside until Spring grows closer.


Perhaps I can suggest an alternative to sitting on the couch watching the idiot box (and it has reached new lows in idiocy lately, hasn't it?). I tend to look over all my instruments and equipment and do any required, as well as preventive maintenance, so I can avoid mishaps on stage.

With instruments it's a matter of doing a thorough cleaning, removing the dust bunnies from the pegbox, and checking to make sure strings are all healthy from pegbox to tailpiece. You can also examine every area for damage, cracks, scratches that need touching up, etc. (That's not much work with my own two basses, since they are pre-war and both very much look like they've been through a war; I very much doubt I could find any new scratches in amongst all the old ones.)

Take a close look at your bridge -- to make sure it's in place and perfectly flat-footed on the top of your instrument -- and maybe renew the graphite at the top of the bridge (and nut) so those strings travel smoothly when being tuned.

The electronics side also needs some attention. If you don't have Electronic Contact Cleaner in your gig bag, it may be a good idea to pick some up and perform a little preventive maintenance; it not only helps to clean away existing corrosion or residue, but can also act as a protectant. Spray each of the jacks in your preamps, stomp boxes, speaker cabinets, and amplifiers (unplug first!) Check batteries in your gear and replace them if necessary. A tip -- stick a piece of masking tape on the back of preamps, electric upright bass battery covers, and stomp boxes with the date when you last replaced the batteries.

Physically checking each amp, cab, and cable is a good idea, looking them over for damage, loose screws, rattling grille covers, etc. Cables can get neglected, too, and they should be examined for cuts and should probably also be checked out for proper operation. I also tend to run through the contents of my gig bag, tossing out expired headache meds and unneeded duplicates, checking that I have duplicates of all the right stuff, that my flashlight works, etc.

I hope that this gives you something to think about -- besides reality TV -- for these cold winter months. Don't forget to wear gloves to keep those fingertips warm!

-- Bob

Minor "Blem" Basses Coming Soon!

Just a little something to put on your radar - we've got the unique opportunity to sell some of our laminated Gollihur Upright Basses (3/4 size) at a discount, due to some cosmetic blemishes on the maple necks (minor dark spots, grainy spots, that sort of thing).

Estle Louis BassThese basses are already among the best deals in the business; a great bass at a phenomenal price ($1350 INCLUDING a full luthier setup.) These "blems" will still arrive "ready-to-play," but be further discounted by at least 5% off regular low pricing!

If you've been looking for a really great sounding laminated bass - with an adjustable bridge, ebony fittings, and a full setup - but don't really care if there is a small "dark spot" on the back of the neck, you could get yourself a bargain! This is the bass deal to beat.

Might you be interested in one of these basses? As a member of our Newsletter list, you can get dibs on one. Email us asking about the deal, and we'll send you a "dossier" with the description of one of the available basses, including photos of the "blemish", before the basses are made public on the site.

But act now, there is a limited number of basses available - first come, first served.

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