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New Resources Home Page

At Gollihur Music, we've earned a reputation for ourselves over the last decade and a half - we're "Not Just a Store, We're Your Upright Bass Information Destination."

In the interest of making our resources even more easy to find and use, we have a new address for where to find help:

This will take you directly to our main Resources page, where a host of useful pages can help you with your bassic pursuits. FOR FREE.
Come check it out!

New Teacher Directory

Brand new to the site is a directory of upright bass teachers. We're just getting started, so listings are few - but if you are (or know) a teacher of upright bass, please submit your information to us to be added - FOR FREE - and start finding new students! Our long-standing Luthier Directory has generated lots of business for the luthiers on the list. Time for bass teachers to get the same opportunity.
Details for what information we need, and how to send it to us, is at the top of the new page.

Speaking of the Luthier Directory, feel free to send us information to add to that list too!

Look what a Penny can buy!

Who Says a Penny Won't Buy Anything Good?

Check out these cool "bonus" items that you can get for only 1¢ with qualifying orders!

Reminder - FREE SHIPPING on HUNDREDS of Items, Sitewide!

It's not only strings! Several months ago, we dropped US shipping costs down to ZERO on dozens of new items. String sets and single strings, Euphonic Audio and Acoustic Image amplifiers, Bass Pickups, DVDs, Books and CDs, Eminence and NS Design Basses, Gollihur Bass Bags, AMT and DPA Professional Bass Microphones, Most Preamplifiers, Tons of Accessories, Bass Bridges... the list goes on and on. All shipped free to the USA, and most items include AK and HI in that free shipping offer!

Cool Product of the Minute:
RMI Basswitch IQ DI

The RMI BASSWITCH IQ DI is a premium preamplifier, built with high-end studio-grade components (including a Lehle transformer-equipped DI) into a heavy-duty floor pedal unit. When I met Jacques Ruppert, the co-founder of RMI and designer of the Basswitch, he stressed that no expense was spared in the design and construction of this no-compromise unit. And our tests and experiences with the Basswitch IQ DI indicate that this is not just "marketing talk."

What can it do?

Or, more accurately, what can't it do? It's a two-input preamp, which suits itself VERY well for doubling (playing upright and electric bass on the same gig, through the same amplifier).

The Basswitch IQ DI works great for this purpose; simply plug your upright pickup output into channel A, and plug your electric bass (or electric upright bass) output into channel B. You have the EQ and other controls on channel A to shape your upright tone -- and when you switch channels, your electric bass (which often has onboard controls) gets "passed through" without alteration. Voila! Two basses, but only one output to send to your amp, and only one studio-grade DI to send to the house soundman.

Want to know more? Check out the full description at the website!