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Welcome to our Newsletter Archive.
Here we have reproduced our Newsletters for the last few years. Since we put more than just "sales messages" in our newsletters (there are tips, lessons, and other musings in there), several of our customers asked us to put them online as a resource.

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DISCLAIMER: This is an archive of previously sent newsletters; Please note that some product prices, details and availability of items may have changed since the original newsletter was published - we may not be able to honor "old" prices, special offers, discounts, or other promotions found on these pages.

Previously Published Newsletters

September 2015: The Gollihur Music Difference
What Makes Us Different • Thomastik Sale • Exclusive NS Design "Traditional" NXT • Everything We Know About Bridges • New Items (ATA Cases for NS Basses, Clarus SL, TVM50 Amp, more) • Sounding Good in the Studio • Changes at Gollihur Music HQ

July 2015: "If a Man Made It, Another Man Can Fix It..."
My Grandfather, Estle Louis • New Acoustic Image Clarus Model • Changing Upright Bass Strings • New Products (Evah Pirazzi Slap Strings, SA22 Stand Replacement Kits) • Euphonic Audio Closet Classics

June 2015: Summer is Here...
Summer Message • New Contra Model from Acoustic Image • How to Say "Piezo" • New Products (Dean Contra Bass, Line6 Wireless, Ray Brown Book) • Holding the Bass • Traynor SB110 Amp • Supporting ISB (International Society of Bassists) • Fishman Special Offer

February 2015: Breaking With Tradition
Breaking With Tradition • Using a Bass Wheel • Deuce Bridges • Spotlight on Unconventional Bass Products

December 2014: The Holidays are Here Again.
Holiday Message • Gift Ideas • Getting Gifts in Time • New Traynor Small Block Head • "New Bassist" Gifts • We're Stocking Up!

November 2014: Sometimes It's the Small Things
Sweating the Small Stuff • Mono and TRS Signal Cables • RMI Sonic Spark Preamp Pedal • Catching Up on Bass Maintenance • Small Rewards • Small but Useful Bass Accessories • BIG Shipments!

September 2014: Different Approaches to your Bass Playing
Different Approaches • NS Design CR4 Special Sale • A New Way of Looking at Mixing a Mic and a Pickup • Where's YOUR Bass Sticker? • New Fishman Preamps • "Passive Practicing" • "OKay" Tailpiece Logo • Does Gollihur Music Price Match?

August 2014: Forests, Trees, and Roots. Oh, and great sales on Basses!
Do String Gauges Matter? • NS Design CR4 Special Sale • You Are Your Most Important Piece of Gear • Special 20% Off on Czech-Ease Basses

June 2014: Pickup or Mic? Acoustic Image Special, Practicing Intonation, and more...
Asking the Right Questions • Acoustic Image Clearance • Microphone or Pickup? • Playing In Tune • Heartbleed Bug (You're Safe!) • Special Free Shipping on Estle Louis Upright Bass

April 2014: Rockabilly Reds, Acoustic Image Changes, Transporting a Bass...
We Accept AMEX • Rockabilly Reds Strings • Transporting Your Bass • New GHS Crossover Strings • Acoustic Image Amp Changes

February 2014: How to Choose Strings, Fishman Price Drop, Bass Maintenance, More...
Choosing Strings • Fishman Price Changes • NS Design Bass Special • Winter Maintenance Tips • "Blem" Bass Specials

November 2013
Winter Bass Care • New Low-cost Expedited String Shipping • Join the Bass Nation • New Acoustic Box Live Preamp • Financing and Price-Matching

August 2013
New Resources Home Page • New Teacher Directory • Look What a Penny Will Buy • Basswitch IQ DI • New Folding Stool

May 2013: Bassic Tips, Transporting Your Bass, An Ear for Melody, Cool New Products...
Random Gig Tips • LOTS of New Free Shipping Items • Lugging the Doghouse • U-Bass Special Deal • Realist LifeLine • NS Design NXT Omni Bass • Upright Bass Innovative Products • An Ear for Melody • The End of Tax-Free Shipping?

October 2012: Muscle Memory, Multi-Pickup Setups, Leaving Your Amp at Home...
Muscle Memory Musings • Thomastik Sale • Updates on Hishot Freerange Extender and DPA Microphones • Multi-Pickup Setup Tips • Thanks for the Referrals • Confessions of an Amp-Less Bassist

July 2012: The Art of the "Jam," New Docking Station and Personal Monitoring, Open String Intonation Exercise, more...
Jamming with Other Musicians • Realist Docking Station • Radial PZ-Deluxe Preamp • Kala Bass Special • New Hipshot Freerange Extender and Radial Engineering H-Amp Personal Monitoring Package • Intonation Exercise Using Open Strings

March 2012: Playing Your Amp pt.III, Basswitch, New Magnetic Pickup, Slapping the Bass pt.II
Learn How to Play Your Amp Pt. III • Site Maintenance • New Basswitch IQ DI • New Krivo Magnetic Pickup • Ordering Strings from Gollihur Music • Continuing the Intro to Playing Slap

December 2011: Playing Your Amp (Pt. 2), Holiday Guide, New Kala Bass, New Books and Vids, Slap 101
Learn How to Play Your Amp Pt. II • Holiday Message • New Kala SUB Bass • New Books and Videos Added • Acoustic Image CLEARANCE • Intro to Playing Slap Bass

October 2011: Gollihur Music Newsletter - Special Amplifier Edition!
Genz-Benz - why? And whattya got? • Acoustic Image Series 4 • AI Clearance Continues • Using a Personal Monitor

August 2011: Make Friends With Your Amp, New Carved Bass and Other New Gear, Thomastik and Acoustic Image SALE, More...
Learn How to Play Your Amp Pt. I • New Estle Louis Carved Basses • We Moved (Reminder) • Lots of New Products • New Easier Single String Ordering • AI Clearance Continues • Intonation: Vomit Exercise


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